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We are pleased and honored to offer, for the first time, original bronze castings of the sculptor’s scale model of his monumental statue of GENERAL Dwight D. Eisenhower that stands on the southeast corner of The Plain at West Point.
Both model and monumental sculpture were created by the distinguished American sculptor Robert L. Dean, Jr., West Point Class of 1953. This historic offering will be limited to a maximum of 29 bronze castings, made by the classic “lost wax” process, and each will be signed and numbered by the artist. The purchaser of each statue will be provided with a certificate of ownership and authenticity. The sculpture is 24 inches in height, and weighs approximately 20 pounds. Its price is $15,000 per casting. A casting of this sculpture can be seen at the West Point Library.
Click here to read the article about creating the West Point Eisenhower Statue that was published in the March/April 2009 edition of "Assembly."
Click the thumbnails below to view a large, high resolution image of the sculpture.

"I have never felt that it is appropriate for me to talk about the quality of my work. That is for others to do, and to decide. However, I do believe that I can shed some light on the historical meaning of this sculpture. Its value as an artefact in great part, will be its relation to the monumental statue, as it represents the artist's original idea of how he believes that the subject should be portrayed.The great figure will stand for generations or centuries, and notwithstanding a catastrophe, could live on far into the future. As its subject is a person of great historical importance, virtually everything connected with him will be of interest.
From my own experience, I recently received a phone call from a man in Alabama, who said that he had acquired a sculpture of mine. It was my first professional piece, a two-foot model of the monumental statue of General MacArthur that I made for Texas Military Institute some forty years ago. This piece was accompanied by a program of its dedication signed by the General's widow, Jean MacArthur, and a photograph of her. He further told me that an appraiser had told him that although my work does not normally circulate in the market, he thought its value could be well into six figures.( I was amazed and was wishing that I had a casting myself). Obviously I cannot make any predictions, but I can only hope that this little Ike has good luck as well. In any case, if you decide to acquire one of these figures, it is also my hope that it will bring you much enjoyment in the years to come."
If you are interested in acquiring one of these statues, either for your own collection, or to give to your favorite school, library, or museum, please contact us, and/or complete and mail the order form that can be viewed on this website by clicking here.

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